Pim Oomen, Ph.D.

My research focuses on developing multiscale computational and experimental tools to advance our knowledge of cardiac biomechanics, remodeling, and electrophysiology, employing our models to design clinical therapies, and training a new, diverse generation of biomedical engineers.

Sabee Molloi, Ph.D.

Digital radiography, application of digital subtraction angiography to cardiac imaging, coronary artery flow measurement, digital image processing

Weian Zhao, Ph.D.

Adult stem cell therapy and molecular diagnostics


Zhongping Chen, Ph.D.

Microfabrication and fiber-optic based biomedical imaging systems development


Elliot Botvinick, Ph.D.

Cellular and tissue biomechanics, cellular mechanotransduction, tissue function, vascular mechanobiology

Naomi Chesler

Naomi Chesler, Ph.D.

To improve cardiovascular health through the integration of mechanical engineering, vascular biology and imaging tools, to advance knowledge in these fields, and to educate the next generation of leaders in cardiovascular engineering and science.

tim downing

Timothy Downing, Ph.D.

Stem cell and tissue engineering, regenerative biology, cell reprogramming, epigenomics, mechanobiology

anna grosberg

Anna Grosberg, Ph.D.

Applying multiscale computational modeling and tissue engineering to stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (heart muscle cells), cardiac morphogenesis (development of structure), and cardiac function.

C. Hughes

Christopher CW Hughes, Ph.D.

Endothelial cells as initiators and targets of immune responses and genes regulating endothelial cell tube formation/angiogenesis


Wendy Liu, Ph.D.

Cell and tissue engineering, biomaterials, microfabricated technologies, mechanotransduction